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We are a Parker Distributor Mobile Technology Centre. This means we have specialized expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of Parker directional control valves and IQAN control systems. When working with valves, we comply with all the requirements of the Parker Buildmaster programme. The most popular directional control valves in our range are Parker P70, L90LS, F130, K170LS and K220LS.

We design optimized valve solutions for a range of applications using the eSyber programme. Our extensive valve component warehouse means we deliver fast. We carry out the assembly work in our modern hydraulics repair shop premises and test drive valves using our own testing machinery. When we test drive directional control valves, we perform flow testing, detect any internal leaks, adjust pressure and optimize the valve to suit each customer’s specifications.

In valve needs, we serve heavy machinery, original equipment manufacturers and industrial organizations. We provide suitable modular CETOP valves for industrial use.
You can also turn to us for IQAN control system planning, assembly and testing.

Koneosapalvelu is a warehousing distributor of Parker cartridge valves in Finland. In the Parker range, we offer spools, pressure relief valves, pressure control valves, charging valves, solenoid valves, cartridge valve bodies, check valves and flow control valves. If you do not find what you’re looking for in our warehouse, we’ll be happy to order it for you. You can rely on us for a solution to your valve needs.

Browse our cartridge valve range in our online catalogue.

Watch a video of directional valves and IQAN control systems production

You will find more videos on our YouTube channel.

We are happy to tell you more about the valve solutions

Ossi Nieminen
Sales manager
Industrial and mobile hydraulics, IQAN
Markus Seppänen
Technical sales
Hydraulics, pneumatics, IQAN, spare parts and reman parts

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