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KOPA flotation tracks are also known as excavator-style tracks because they resemble the tracks of excavators, but they are made from stronger track plates tailored for forest machine use. Thanks to the wide, flat track plate and the narrow gap between the track plates, the surface pressure is evenly distributed, and at the same time the surface area of the track in contact with the ground is as large as possible, bringing maximum carrying capacity to forestry machines. Bending the outer edge of the track plate reduces surface damage to the soil and the risk of damage to tree roots. The tracks can be used in both forwarders and harvesters.

Main features:

  • Wide and flat track plates, available in 3 different widths. Depending on the model, the track plate is straight, bent on the outer edge or bent on both edges.
  • Smaller than usual distance between track plates (less than 2 cm) to maximize flotation
  • Higher than usual side paws protecting the tire
  • Anti-skid rods inside the track plates to prevent the tires from spinning inside the tracks
  • Spikes improving traction and lateral grip. As standard, 1 piece per track plate, but also double spikes are available.

  • Less sinking of the machinery, less equipment damage
  • Reduced soil and forest road damage
  • More flexible harvesting period in case of soft-soiled cutting areas
  • Reduced rolling resistance saves fuel
  • Driving a machine equipped with Kopa flotation tracks is more pleasant for the operator, since the tracks reduce machine swaying and render the riding smoother.
  • It is possible to drive the vehicle faster, which improves working efficiency.

We ensure the suitability of the tracks for each machine and tire model on a case-by-case basis. We will find out the necessary information, e.g. of the forest machine model, tyre size and type, bogie type and the dimensions for defining the offset. The track offset refers to the distance between the outer edge of the track-end plate link and the end of the track plate closest to the frame of the machine. This enables us to determine the suitable track plate model, the amount of track plates, and the measurements required for assembly welding. We deliver the most common standard models directly from our warehouse, as more special customizations are made to order.

Track models and technical data

Kopa tracks are available for wheel sizes: 600, 650, 710, 750, 800. Rim sizes 22.5, 24.5 and 26.5. Stock models for tires Nokian Forest King F and F2 / ELS L-2, size 710/45-26.5. Other tire models (e.g. TRS) and sizes on request.

We recommend the stronger HD versions when the weight of the forwarder is over 18 tons. Kopa tracks use 28 mm closed links, 20 mm track-end plate links and 28 mm joining links. The necessary joining links are included in the delivery. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the technical specifications.

Single wheel tracks for harvesters

Kopa flotation track as a single wheel version is a rational choice for 6-wheeled harvesters instead of traction chains. Single wheel tracks together with the Kopa flotation tracks in the front bring amazing flotation for the machine and a smooth ride for the operator.

The use of tracks in both harvesters and forwarders is very important, because the surface of the ground must be intact after the harvester’s work period in order to obtain maximum load capacity for the forwarder.

Patented product development

We have developed flotation tracks in close cooperation with our customers. Innovative product development has brought Kopa tracks European-wide patents.

Many thanks to the parties involved in the development and testing work in Finland: e.g. Oulaisten Metsäkonehuolto Oy, Forest-Linna Oy, Metsäkonepalvelu Oy, Metsä-Multia Oy, RV-Hänninen Oy, Veljekset Lehtomäki Oy.




Tightening Kopa flotation tracks

It is recommended to tighten flotation tracks with a track tensioner tool designed especially for the Kopa flotation tracks. The tensioner tool is used in pairs and is available in two different models: standard and multi. It is also possible to tighten flotation tracks with a traditional track tensioner, like QTT400. See below the video instruction on tightening the tracks.


Kopa tracks are also called OFA Flotec tracks

Koneosapalvelu sells Kopa tracks exclusively in Finland. In other countries, Nordic Traction’s retail network is responsible for sales, and the tracks are sold under the OFA Flotec brand name.

For more information about the export sales, please visit the OFA Flotec site.


Videos of Kopa flotation tracks

You will find more videos on our YouTube channel.

Kopa tracks 900HD on Ponsse Buffalo and Logset 5F
Mounting and tightening of Kopa tracks
Kopa tracks on John Deere 1270G, 1510G and 810E
Kopa tracks on Ponsse Scorpion King and Ponsse Elk 10wd

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