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The Parker IQAN is an electronic control system specifically for heavy equipment hydraulics applications. It has been designed with a focus on operational safety, precise control and ease of use. The heart of the IQAN product family is a fully integrated system of controllers and screens.

The Parker IQAN suits applications such as the hydraulic control of timber trucks, forest tractors and industrial loader cranes. We sell individual IQAN components, as well as a readily assembled IQAN control system package containing:

  • MC43 extension module
  • LC6 joysticks
  • MD3 display unit
  • complete cable set

We recommend the Parker L90LS directional control valve as a possible valve to suit the package. It is a flexibly modifiable load-sensing valve for vehicles.

We design the IQAN control system with the IQAN Design programming tool to the customer’s specific needs. We choose the most suitable components, assemble the system using tailored cable sets and always test the system before delivery. If necessary, we can assemble and test the IQAN system on site.

Watch the videos on the operation and production of the IQAN control system

You will find more videos on our YouTube channel.

We look forward to serving you with our IQAN expertise

Ossi Nieminen
Sales manager
Industrial and mobile hydraulics, IQAN
Markus Seppänen
Technical sales
Hydraulics, pneumatics, IQAN, spare parts and reman parts

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