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The selection of the Koneosapalvelu includes Black Bruin’s harvester rotators that use radial piston technology, grapple rotator VRF3010, links and swing dampers. We also deliver spare parts for the products in question.

Our hydraulics repair shop serves the maintenance needs of Black Bruin products, so we offer a seamless total package of sales, spare parts and service.

Below you can get to know the products in more detail. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes to the technical information presented on the website and in the linked materials. The information is presented without commitment.

The VRF3010 is a new grapple rotator with a lifting capacity of 10 t for timber trucks, forwarders and other general cargo handling. It offers timber harvesting professionals a cost-effective alternative alongside Black Bruin’s heavy-duty radial piston harvester and grapple rotators. VRF3010 comes with those same bearing and sealing solutions known to improve load carrying capacity and durability in the Black Bruin harvester rotator product range. The rotator can be equipped with Black Bruin’s strong multi-disc brakes, enabling users to adjust the swing damping to their liking, to increase the efficiency of loading work. The brakes hold the adjustment accurately and are well protected against external strains. They are wear-resistant to maintain constant braking force throughout their long service life.

VRF3010 Technical details (pdf)

The Black Bruin radial piston rotator is the professional’s choice for productive harvesting. The rotator’s excellent performance is based on a durable piston-cam ring technology. The torque excels in even the most demanding situations and the rotator maintains a firm grip throughout machines service life. Thanks to the innovative structure, the torque-transmitting components are wear-proof, releasing no harmful particles into the hydraulic system.

BBR15H Technical details (pdf)

BBR 16H Technical details (pdf)

RH 3016 Technical details (pdf)

Summary of Black Bruin harvester rotator models

Rotator BBR 08H BBR 15H BBR 16H RH 3016 BBR 15F
Torque max. (Nm) 1600 3000 3000 3480 3000
Axial load capacity (kN) 80 150 160 160 150
Weight (kg) 47 57 65 66 73
Link H-074 H-080 H-085 H-085 I-100

Several link options are available for Black Bruin harvester rotators. Features of Black Bruin links:

  • Light and compact design
  • Several swing damper options for harvester use
  • 1J – with one brake, lower
  • 2J – with two brakes, upper and lower
  • 2K – with two brakes, upper and lower (the lower brake can also be symmetrical)

Summary of Black Bruin link models H-080 and H-085

Link (rotator) H-080 (BBR 15H) H-085 (BBR 16H / RH3016)
Specification R155.L100 1J R155.L100 2J TR240.L100 2K TR310.L100 2 K TR240.L100 2K   TR310.L100 2 K
Weight (kg) 13,5 19,7 22,7 19,9 23

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