Siirry sisältöön

Hannu Hietikko’s membership in the board of directors of Koneosapalvelu ended in April 2024. As an experienced expert in the forestry machinery industry and business management, Hannu brought valuable knowledge, insightful perspectives, and an extensive network to the development of our company. We warmly thank Hannu for our fruitful collaboration on the board of Koneosapalvelu for 13 years. Hannu Hietikko also served on the board of our parent company, Outokummun Metalli, for an impressive 7 years. We wish him fulfilling retirement days!

Tapio Lehti has been appointed as a new member of the Koneosapalvelu board starting from April 17, 2024. Ville Nevalainen continues as the chairman of the board. The other board members are Reija Nevalainen and Jarmo Paakkunainen.

At Koneosapalvelu Vilppula, pictured from left: Board representatives Hannu Hietikko, Reija Nevalainen, Ville Nevalainen, and Jarmo Paakkunainen, along with Koneosapalvelu’s Managing director Hannu Soimasuo.