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Used, reconditioned spare parts have been added to our web store. Our stock selection can now be viewed conveniently online. It is not always worth buying a new one, but a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option can be found in the warehouse of reconditioned spare parts.

Our supply of reconditioned parts focuses on the following product groups:

Drive hydraulics pumps and motors (Bosch Rexroth, Danfoss, Linde), work hydraulics pumps (Bosch Rexroth, Vickers), gerotor motors (Danfoss), radial piston motors (Bosch Rexroth, Poclain), saw motors (Parker), hydraulic cylinders and Directional valves (Parker).

Slewing mechanism, pillars and complete reconditioned cranes.

Gearboxes, back ends and wheel hubs.

For reconditioning, we use spare parts by the original manufacturer. In case of transmission and loader components, we also use parts manufactured or reconditioned by us. We perform the necessary machining and welding works flexibly at our own workshop. We perform test runs using our own test run equipment and document the work, parts replaced, and test run results. We grant a 6-month warranty to the reconditioned components.

We deliver the customer a ready-made replacement part from our warehouse. The customer delivers to us the customer’s broken component, e.g. a hydraulic pump. We invoice a core charge, which we return when the repairable component arrives at us.

Check out our web store and selection of reconditioned parts.

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