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With more than 40 years of experience, we service, repair and manufacture hydraulic cylinders in our workshop. Over the years, we have repaired both large industrial press cylinders with up to 300 mm rods and various cylinders of vehicles and heavy equipment. We implement:

  • condition assessments and seal replacements
  • renovations of cylinder tubes and piston rods
  • special cylinder maintenance projects, including piston rod chrome plating

Our cylinder repair shop is supported by our own workshop with lathes and milling machines. We store a wide range of cylinder tubes up to 250 mm and piston rods up to 140 mm. In addition, we have a wide range of seals, guide sleeves, support rings, and rod end bearings in stock. If necessary, we are also able to make custom-made cylinders suitable for specific application.

Koneosapalvelu is an official Chesterton Hydraulic Cylinder Service Partner. In the maintenance of hydraulic cylinders, we are able to utilize manufacturer’s product support and Chesterton® EPS seals suitable for demanding industrial applications.

We look forward to serving you with our hydraulics expertise

Juha Kuukka
Workshop supervisor
Dismantled parts and cylinder maintenance
Jani Pietarinen
Service supervisor, Kitee
Industrial services
Jari Toskala
Service supervisor, Lahti
Industrial services

Reconditioned hydraulic cylinders in stock

We refurbish used cylinders of forest machines and timber loaders. Cylinder remanufacturing is carried out as follows: the mechanic disassembles a used cylinder, checks the parts for wear, and replaces, as necessary, new parts manufactured in our own workshop, such as piston rods and tubes. Bearings and seals are always replaced, and cylinders are also painted and tested. We grant a 6-month warranty for refurbished cylinders.
Our range of reconditioned cylinders can be seen in the product catalog:

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