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Parker ServiceMaster Connect measuring device

The Parker Service Master CONNECT is a strong diagnostic measuring device for mobile and stationary hydraulic applications, for example, in service, commissioning and in research and development. The device records measurements such as pressure, temperature, flow rate and rotational speed safely and accurately. Thanks to a robust design and IP 65 protection rating, it offers comprehensive protection against moisture and dirt and is shock-absorbent. The device is, therefore, suitable for taking measurements in harsh environments.

The seven-inch illuminated colour touch display enables smooth and intuitive operation. The convenience of the device is enhanced by the clearly structured user interface, which allows the desired measurement settings to be made quickly and safely. The modularly constructed gauge hardware and software enables customised set-up according to individual measurement and analysis needs.

Parker SensoControl measurement devices

The Parker SensoControl measurement devices are suited for measuring digitally as well as measuring minimum and maximum flow in any hydraulic or pneumatic system.

The good precision, resolution, durability and clear display ensure the SensoControl ServiceJunior is a simple solution for detailed and repetitive measurements. It is ideal for measurements during commissioning, maintenance, servicing and pressure tests. It can be used on both mobile and industrial hydraulics. The ServiceJunior is available as a basic model and with a data logger.

Parker SensoNODE™ Blue pressure sensor

The Parker SensoNODE™ Blue pressure sensor (0–600 bar) is small, energy efficient and cordless. The sensors are directly plugged into the device and enable saving of real-time pressure measurements and diagnostics. You can access the sensor’s measurement data on the user-friendly Voice of the Machine (VoM) mobile app. This can be downloaded free on Android and iOS devices. You can track data immediately and set your own min/max alert limits, as well as set up alerts about changes in the system conditions.

Our hydraulics measurement service

We perform accurate and reliable industrial pressure, flow and oil purity measurements. We offer measurement and reporting services as well as rental of measuring equipment. With the HMG 4000 hand-held measuring device, we can measure system pressure fluctuations, volume flows, and temperatures. Pressure sensors measure pressure shocks of up to 600 bar. Thanks to the precise measuring device, even very fast pressure shocks can be recorded.

For oil purity measurements, we use Hydac FCU 1310 or Parker iCountOS measuring devices. The result of the purity test is presented as a report according to the NAS or ISO standard.

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