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Baltrotors designs and manufactures high-quality products for the forestry, transport, construction, demolition and recycling industries. Koneosapalvelu is the importer and official distributor of Baltrotors products in Finland. We stock and sell high-quality rotators as well as links and swing dampers from Baltrotors’ very comprehensive selection. The products manufactured by Baltrotors are reliable, durable and reasonably priced. They are designed to work efficiently in heavy work environments.

Below you can get to know the products in more detail. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes to the technical information presented on the website and in the linked materials. The information is presented without commitment.

We recommend e.g. these models:

  • for forwarders: GR105DB, GR603DB and GR12S
  • for tractors: GR10, GR30, GR46 and GR603DB
  • for timber trucks: GR105 DB, GR12S and GR12S-2
  • for excavators: GR16S

Read more about Baltrotors GR models

  • For small and medium harvesters: HR12SM
  • For large harvesters: HR16

From the GRS series, we recommend the model GRS16S, which is a rotator suitable for grapple saws.

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Read more about Baltrotors GRS models

For heavy industrial use, e.g. for large timber and demolition grapples, Baltrotors offers the patented boxer-type CPR piston rotators. The most popular models are CPR15 and CPR8.

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Our selection includes links and swing dampers suitable for most crane models. With the links, the equipment can be attached to hang freely. Our stock selection includes the most popular Baltrotors links, for example:

  • brakeless links BR1 and BR4
  • 1-brake swing dampers BR20KS, BR30KS, BR40
  • 2-brake swing damper BR32KS

Read more about Baltrotors links and swing dampers

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