Mesera Cranes Finland Oy designs and manufactures cranes for forest machines, chippers, tractors, and for industrial use. Mesera cranes and spare parts are available through Koneosapalvelu. We also have a maintenance facility for Mesera cranes in Vilppula.

Forwarder cranes

The Mesera range of eleven different forwarder crane models includes the classic 51 and 71  (based on the Loglift F design) and the new Mesera design 122 and 142 (as well as 240 for harvesters). Cranes come equipped with either an external or internal hose system.

In addition to forestry machinery, forwarder cranes are used in industrial settings (sawmills, veneer factories, recycled materials), as well as on chippers and tractors. The cranes can also be delivered equipped with a cabin and electronic control system.

The new forwarder cranes are equipped with 20 mm pipes and ½" hoses leading to the crane tip. This results in less pressure loss, faster movement and higher energy efficiency. The crane tip is tailored according to the customer’s needs for Y link (protected rotator hoses), conventional link, or double brake link.

Model-specific technical information

Harvester cranes

The Mesera range includes six different harvester cranes, from 131, which can be mounted on a tractor, to 280, which is the strongest on the market. The robust slewing system, good properties and an excellent range of movements ensure efficient and quick timber handling with a Mesera harvester crane.

Model-specific technical information

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