Vahva grapples

Vahva grapples are our own products; we have manufactured Vahva grapples for more than 40 years. The result of intense customer feedback and long-term development enables us to bring you the extremely durable and optimally designed Vahva grapple manufactured in Finland.

Broad selection for a variety of uses 


C models

High-quality durable grapples, designed especially for forwarders and logging trucks.

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E models

The E models or so-called energy grapples are available with 4, 5, 7, or even 9 spikes. They are suitable for handling logging waste, stumps, and materials in the recycling industry.

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KC models

The KC series grapples have been designed for use with excavators. All of the most common S and NTP connector options are available in our product range. 

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Large C models

Grapples in sizes 60, 80 and 100 for material handling machines.

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Options for different purposes and machines

The Vahva range with more than 30 different models is sure to include the right choice for different purposes. Our updated range has been designed to meet the current forestry machinery requirements regarding larger sizes and improved efficiency. Our product range also includes a suitable option for excavators of different size categories and with various types of quick couplings.

Selection guide for Vahva C and E lines – suitability for various purposes*
B15     Tractors, industrial applications, trucks
C21      Small forwarders, trucks
C26     Forwarders, trucks
C30     Forwarders
C36     Forwarders, chippers and crushers
C42     Large forwarders, logging trucks, chippers and crushers
C46     Logging trucks, industrial applications
C60     Material handlers
KC models for Excavators
*An indicative recommendation. Ask our sales force for more details.

What makes Vahva so strong?

The structure is strong and durable as the grapples are manufactured from high-strength structural steel. Furthermore, the spikes of all of the E models in the C and KC line are made of HARDOX 400 wear- and abrasion resistant steel. This ensures that the spikes can handle wear and tear even in challenging use, such as in chippers and excavators. The KC line (grapples for use with excavators) have reinforced HD jaws included in the standard delivery.

All of our grapples have two reaction links, which means that the mechanics are symmetrical and torques have been minimised. This enables the structure to withstand wear better than the single-reaction-bar grapple solutions on the markets.

Jaws optimised for handling wood 

The shape of the grapple’s jaws has been fine-tuned over the years so that they sink into the log pile as efficiently as possible. Special focus has been placed on the effectiveness of the jaws in handling pulpwood. When being lifted, the logs straighten out easily thanks to the structure of the jaws and bottom of the frame in addition to a suitable compression force. The clearing between the closing tips of the jaws is as small as possible, which improves the gradability of the various log sizes and reduces the build-up of soil in the load.