Transmission repair shop

We repair the transmissions of machines arriving to our heavy machinery repair shop for maintenance; we also recondition used forestry machine transmission and frame components into replacement parts. Our stock of reconditioned replacement parts is an affordable and quick solution for getting a faulty machine back to work. We grant spare part warranty to our replacement parts.

At the transmission repair shop, we recondition forestry machine swing drives, reduction gears, back ends, differential gears, bogie housings, wheel hubs, axles, and frame components (middle joints). We also recondition Clark transmissions used in forestry machines (and lift trucks, for example). We test drive all reconditioned Clark transmissions.

Based on the customer’s wishes and the installer’s estimate, we decide case by case whether original spare parts, parts manufactured or reconditioned by Koneosapalvelu, or a combination thereof is to be used for reconditioning. The parts used for reconditioning, the works performed, and test drive results are always documented in our system. The reconditioning of transmission components is supported by our own workshop, where we perform the necessary machining and welding works.

We are always interested in purchasing used, repairable transmission components (reduction gears and back ends, for example) for reconditioning.