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The most modern technical trade and hydraulic maintenance service package in Finland can now be found at Vilppula, as the extension project for Koneosapalvelu Oy’s new premises has been completed.

The largest investment in the history of the company was efficiently completed in about two years, from making the investment decision to commissioning the new premises. Investments in premises and equipment enable the company to achieve additional capacity, in addition to developing the range of products and services.

Sales, storage and maintenance in new premises
Koneosapalvelu Oy had the new premises built next to its existing property at Mänttä-Vilppula. The new building includes Koneosapalvelu’s shop, a hydraulic hose assembly facility, a hydraulics repair shop, a central warehouse, offices as well as social and recreational facilities. The company’s workshop still operates in the older hall adjacent to the new building. Another industrial building on the same street houses Koneosapalvelu’s heavy machinery repair shop and the production of KOPA forest machine tracks.

The decision to invest in the new premises was made in March 2018. The actual construction phase began in February 2019 with earthworks, and the building was completed on 11 November 2019. All in all, the relocation and ramp-up of all operations at the new premises will be completed in May 2020, just over 2 years after the investment decision was made.

Plenty of space for developing operations
Ville Nevalainen, Managing Director of Koneosapalvelu, sheds light on the project by square metres: “With the new building, we gained a total floor area of 3660 m². The floor area of the adjacent old building is 1440 m². In addition to customer service and maintenance facilities, logistics operations were also taken to a new level not only physically but also thanks to a new information system. There is about 900 m² of heated storage space available, and the same amount of cold storage space. Smooth deliveries are a very important part of the service for our clients.”

“When we add the separate heavy machinery repair shop’s 3400 m² to the complex at Teollisuustie 5, we can say that our company’s development will certainly not be hindered by a lack of space. The 8500 m² complex gives us enough space to make new ideas come to life, as well as meeting all client requirements.”

A significant investment
The construction investment amounted to about M€ 4.5, including new machinery and equipment. This investment is the largest in Koneosapalvelu’s history, enabling the company to grow and develop. The goal of the investment is to improve customer service for both vehichles and industrial clients. The operating environment is also essential for the occupational safety and well-being of our own staff.

Hydraulics at the heart of business development
The investment strengthens Koneosapalvelu, especially as a hydraulic operator. With the new store, the Vilppula office is a part of Parker Hannifin’s number one retailer chain carrying a ParkerStore status. Koneosapalvelu two other branches at Lappeenranta and Kuopio are also ParkerStores. “The hydraulic maintenance workshop and equipment is definitely the most modern in Finland, if not in the Nordic countries. We are actively investing in the hydraulics business in collaboration with the most renowned principals,” says Nevalainen.

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Images of the new premises

In the attached video, you can see the nine-month construction project condensed into about four minutes.