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We carry out piping installations for hydraulic systems either with prefabricated elements or at our customers’ premises. Our professional installers perform piping installations quickly and with high quality. We also take care of the cleanliness of the installed hydraulic piping during and after installation.

When commissioning hydraulic systems and starting up after a fault, it is essential to ensure that no foreign particles remain in the system. Foreign particles are one of the biggest causes of hydraulic failures and problems. For this reason, newly installed piping and potentially contaminated piping should be flushed before commissioning. Flushing the systems before commissioning significantly extends the service life of the components. If flushing is neglected, dirt particles entering the system during installation can cause major damage to components, even in a short period of a time.

We look forward to serving you with our hydraulics expertise

Mikko Koponen
Sales director, industrial hydraulics
Industrial sales
Jani Pietarinen
Service supervisor, Kitee
Industrial services
Jari Toskala
Service supervisor, Lahti
Industrial services

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