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The Vahva E models have spikes instead of traditional log jaws, and they have been designed for handling logging residues, stumps, and other materials in the recycling industry. These so-called bioenergy grapples are suitable for use e.g. with forwarders and chippers. The E models are available with 4, 5, 7 or 9 spikes. In model markings, the number after the letter “E” indicates the amount of spikes, e.g. the C42 E5 grapple has five spikes.

There are six different models in the E series made with the C-frame and, in addition, the smallest 15-model with an older B-frame structure. We manufacture the smallest B15 model also with special jaws tailored for industrial use. Special jaws with a sharp triangular tip facilitate the handling of individual logs. The model is suitable for sawmills and other wood processing lines. Spike grapples suitable for excavators can be found in the KC series.

Vahva grapples are designed and manufactured at the very modern forestry attachements factory of Outokummun Metalli Oy in Finland. The high quality level is demonstrated by, for example, high-strength steel as material, robotic welding, machined peg lines, bronze bearings and powder coating. The spikes of all of the E models are made of HARDOX 400 wear- and abrasion resistant steel. This ensures that the spikes can handle wear and tear even in challenging use. All of our grapples (except 15 and 21) have two reaction links, which means that the mechanics are symmetrical and torques have been minimised.

Greasing of the grapple is safely performed in one position while the grapple is closed and lowered to the ground. The open frame structure of the grapple facilitates hydraulic hose maintenance.

Technical specifications, Vahva E models

Model Weight
A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm)
B15 E4* 102 0,15 175 2000 7,5 725 80 535 1215 735 290  
C21 E4 146 0,21 240 3000 9,4 783 90 513 1320 750 427  485
C30 E4 297 0,30 250 4000 19 955 70 655 1780 978 525 592
C36 E7 360 0,36 250 4000 19 955 70 655 1780 978 625 591
C42 E5 470  0,42 250 6000 23 1130 165 840 1955 1125 850  702
C42 E9 610 0,42 250 6000 23 1130 165 840 1955 1125 850 700
C46 E4 450 0,46 250 6000 23 1180 130 910 2000 1212 595 679
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications.
*The model B15 E4 is part of the older B series. 
Vahva B15 E4 grapple.
Vahva B15 E4
Vahva B15 E4 grapple for industrial use.
Vahva B15 E4 for industrial use
Vahva C21 E4 grapple.
Vahva C21 E4
Vahva C30 E4 grapple.
Vahva C30 E4
Vahva C36 E7 grapple.
Vahva C36 E7
Vahva C42 E5 grapple.
Vahva C42 E5
Vahva C42 E9 grapple.
Vahva C42 E9
Vahva C46 E4 grapple.
Vahva C46 E4

Watch the video: Vahva C46 E4 with a Ponsse Buffalo handling logging residue

You will find more videos on our YouTube channel.

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