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Load-holding valves for grapples

Our range includes double check valve and load-holding valve assemblies suitable for different grapple size classes. Double check valves and load-holding valves prevent sudden opening of the jaws in the event of a hydraulic hose failure. The valve assembly is a mandatory equipment if there are people moving in the working area of the grapple.

Demolition jaws

Separate bolt-on demolition jaws are available for Vahva KC36 E7 and KC42 E9 grapples. The grapple can therefore be used either with spikes or demolition jaws, depending on the work site.

Gravel buckets

Separate bolt-on buckets are available for Vahva models 15, 21 and 26. The buckets are suitable for handling soil, gravel, wood chips etc. See the table below for the technical specifications of the buckets.
(Please note that the manufacturer reserves the right to change technical data.)

Buckets Width (mm) Volume (l) Weight (kg) Thickness of side plate (mm) Thickness of curve plate (mm)
Vahva B15  500  165  78 
Vahva C21 600 205 119 8 6 (connection plate 10)
Vahva C26 770 270 165 8 6 (connection plate 10)

Other accessories

Grabbers with rubber bumpers (so-called stone paws) are available for the Vahva K15 model. The grabbers make it easier and faster to lift e.g. stones. The bolt-on grippers protect against scratches and improve the compression grip.

There are two versions of rotator model grapple quick-couplers, pitch 173 mm and pitch 203 mm.

The cushion kit available for Vahva C21 model has four rubber bumpers attached to the bottom of the grapple frame in order to protect items from scratches.

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