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Our selection includes links suitable for loader cranes of forest machines, timber trucks and other heavy equipment. With the link, equipment can be attached to the boom to hang freely. For cranes where the damping of the pendulum motion is not needed, we recommend durable and inexpensive Kopa links. They are manufactured in our workshop in Finland, and the most common models can be delivered directly from our stock.

You’ll find e.g. these models in the selection of Kopa links

  • A64935 KOPA LINK 210068-B 80/100 /45/45
  • A03224 KOPA LINK 80/45/35/ L200
  • A22928 KOPA LINK 100/45/35/ L200
  • A06204 KOPA LINK 500 B 45
  • A06206 KOPA LINK 500 B 75
  • A27005 KOPA LINK 100/45 100/45 L240
  • A72960 KOPA LINK 122/30/GR46
  • A73129 KOPA LINK 128/32/GR46
  • A82539 KOPA LINK 30_125/45_100
  • A72497 KOPA LINK 73/28/GR55M L500
  • A72781 KOPA LINK 80/45/FR15/GR55M
  • A71681 KOPA LINK 80/45/GR46
  • A72466 KOPA LINK 80/45/GR55M
  • A22797 KOPA LINK 165/GR46/FR-10/90/25

Ask for a suitable link from our sales! If necessary, we are also able to offer you a complete package including a rotator and a grapple.

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