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Industrial hardware and various types of work machinery and vehicles place a wide range of demands on hydraulic motors. Our hydraulics sales team will advise you and search for a hydraulic motor to suit your needs from the extensive range of brands such as Parker and Bosch Rexroth.

Our motor range includes:

  • Gerotor motors
  • Piston motors
  • Gear motors
  • Vane motors

    We also sell official Bosch Rexroth IAM (Independent After Market) products. These are factory-manufactured hydraulic pumps and motors available at faster delivery times than usual and which have readily installed machine model settings. IAM pumps and motors are available for a limited selection of heavy equipment. An IAM component may be used as a spare part in an original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) machine and as a replacement alternative to an OEM spare part component.

    Remember, instead of buying a new hydraulic motor, you can alternatively have your old motor repaired in our hydraulics workshop or buy a refurbished replacement component in stock in our warehouse. You can browse our range of hydraulics replacement parts in our online catalogue.

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