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With the transaction of 12.09.2019, Koneosapalvelu Oy acquired the shares of Kithydro Oy and Hyprox Oy.

These acquisitions enable Koneosapalvelu to expand its business in sales and repairs of industrial hydraulics, as well as its capacity of hydraulic systems maintenance. In addition, as a result of the acquisition, Koneosapalvelu will have a new product group – hydraulic power units – in its portfolio.

On the day of the transaction, Mikko Koponen, the current managing director of Kithydro, was appointed the managing director of Kithydro Oy and Hyprox Oy. The acquired companies will be merged later on and they will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Koneosapalvelu. Mikko Koponen is responsible for the merger and consolidation of business areas and will become the managing director of the new company resulting from the merger. Ville Nevalainen will continue as the managing director of Koneosapalvelu Oy.

“Both companies have a long history of serving industrial customers. In collaboration with each other and with Koneosapalvelu, the union will become a strong player in the field of industrial hydraulics. In addition to extensive experience of Koneosapalvelu and Kithydro in the field of mobile hydraulics, we will be able to offer an exceptionally versatile service in the field of hydraulics. The new organization will manage the sales of components for hydraulics and hydraulic units, as well as design, maintenance and repair, and represent a broad selection of brands. The overall offer is unique on the Finnish scale. We will be able to serve a wide range of customers, from small machine builders to large industrial enterprises,” says Ville Nevalainen, the managing director of Koneosapalvelu.

Ville Nevalainen (left) with Mikko Koponen, managing director of Kithydro Oy.

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Briefly about the companies

Kithydro Oy is an expert in hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical transmission. Besides selling hydraulic components and spare parts, the company maintains and repairs, for example, hydraulic pumps, engines and cylinders. The activities of the company also include the design and manufacture of hydraulic power units. In 2018, the company reached the turnover of 2.15 million € and had 15 employees.

Hyprox Oy is an industrial hydraulics expert specializing in the design and manufacture of Hyprox hydraulic power units and the sale of hydraulic and pneumatic components. In addition, the company’s services include various maintenance and measurement options for hydraulics. In 2018, the company’s turnover was 1.68 million € and it employed 9 people.