Siirry sisältöön
A Group of Koneosapalvelu employees visited a sales partner Benlex GmbH in Germany. The travelers also got to see how Kopa flotation tracks and Vahva grapples work in practice in the local conditions.

The tour group got to know the local forestry companies Forstbetrieb Gürtler and Forstbetrieb Ruderer. Both have Kopa flotation tracks and Vahva grapples in their forest machines. The entrepreneurs shared their views of using grapples and tracks, and we were delighted to hear that experiences have been very good.

During the trip, the terrain in Germany was very wet, and an employee of Forstbetrieb Gürtler said that because of the soft terrain, other contractors had had to stop working, while machines equipped with Kopa flotation tracks were allowed to continue working.

Thanks to our German partners for a rewarding trip!

Here you can see pictures from the trip: