Rotators and links


Koneosapalvelu is the official importer and dealer of Baltrotors products in Finland. We sell high-quality rotators for forestry machines, timber trucks, and other mobile machinery.

The Baltrotors products are reliable and durable. They are designed for efficient operation in demanding applications. Production costs have been minimised for the customer’s benefit, without compromising the technical properties and quality of the product.

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We offer links and swing dampers suitable for most crane models. The links allow free suspension of additional equipment.

In case of cranes that do not require pendulum motion suppression, we recommend durable and affordable KOPA links. They are manufactured in Finland, at the workshop of Koneosapalvelu, and the most common models are always in stock.

Models of links without brakes
Product No.       Product name
210068 LINK 80/100, HOLE DISTANCE 200
500B75 LINK 100/100, HOLE DISTANCE 150
21768 LINK 80/80, HOLE DISTANCE 200
500B45 LINK 80/80, HOLE DISTANCE 150
P48491 LINK 100/100, HOLE DISTANCE 240    

As regards swing dampers (links with brakes), we represent Baltrotors products. The most popular link models with brakes are BR20KS with one brake and BR32KS with two brakes.

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