Workshop services

Manufacture of own products

We manufacture new spare parts especially for forestry machines and cranes at our workshop located in Vilppula. Our product range includes transmission components, such as axles, flanges and gears, and timber loader components such as racks, gear wheel parts, pillars, and cylinders. We also manufacture VAHVA grapples and KOPA links. Some of the VAHVA grapple models are manufactured at the factory of Outokummun Metalli Oy, our parent company, in Outokumpu.

Over the years, we have collected ample feedback on forestry machine and crane wear parts. Our product design takes advantage of this information; our objective is cost-efficient manufacture of more durable spare parts. We also master hydraulic cylinder design, manufacture, and repair.

In addition to new product manufacture, used parts are reconditioned to replacement parts at our workshop.

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Service workshop support

Our workshop flexibly supports our own maintenance activities – heavy machinery repair shop, transmission repair shop, crane service, and hydraulics service. We can quickly perform the lathing, reaming, welding (including repair welding of castings), and cylinder repair operations required by the components in need of maintenance, thereby minimising the downtime of machines brought in for service.

Subcontracting services for industry

Our workshop also offers industrial services, which mainly relate to industrial maintenance.

Workshop services-related inquiries:
Tero Weckman
Tel. +358 40 194 5719