Vahva Forti 200 mechanical rototilt

A novel rotation and tilt attachment for excavator buckets

Vahva Forti 200 mechanical rototilt is a new excavator accessory combining a quick coupler, bucket tilt and rotation.

Vahva Forti hydraulically tilts the bucket 45 degrees both ways and allows mechanical bucket rotation. For the coupling, a conical disc is welded directly to the bucket or an NTP 10 adapter is used. Forti couples with the bucket by a collar that engages with the conical disc on the bucket when tightened by the grabber. The locking mechanism based on the conical disc and the pole grapple is a patented solution. Bucket coupling to Forti is clearance-free.

The bucket is mechanically rotated against the ground by loosening the collar and relocking it again when the bucket is in the position desired.

What is Forti suited for?

Vahva Forti 200 is suitable for 13-20 tonne excavators. It excels in tough excavation work that does not require the bucket to be constantly rotated. The device can be used for many work operations besides excavation, such as dredging, demolition, clearing of plots, and pole handling. Vahva Forti is particularly suitable for shore construction works, since the device itself is not energized, rendering underwater work convenient. 

How does Vahva Forti differ from hydraulic tiltrotators?

Unlike traditional hydraulic tiltrotators, Vahva Forti does not have a gear transmission, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, or electricity. Thanks to the low profile of the structure, there is no loss in the digging force of the bucket. During work, the clearance-free coupling of the bucket and Forti makes the structure durable and more convenient for the operator. In other words, the structure is simpler and less susceptible to damage – and, of course, costs less. Owing to the bucket coupling mechanism, the grabber is always included as standard equipment.

Which control components does Vahva Forti require?

There must be a separate hydraulic unit on the boom or elsewhere on the base machine for the locking and quick coupling of the bucket. The hydraulic unit requires electricity as well as hydraulic pressure and return lines. Tilting of the bucket is accomplished by means of a tilt valve on the base machine. Additionally, electric wiring to the cabin is required, one toggle arm for the locking and release and a single press button/buzzer for the bucket release. Installation is simpler and less costly compared with hydraulic tiltrotators, because Vahva Forti does not require any proportional control technology or a separate overall control system.

SUMMARY – Vahva Forti 200 mechanical rototilt

  • Simple and durable structure
  • No gears, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, or electricity in the rototilt
  • Clearance-free coupling: a conical disc is welded directly to the bucker or an adapter (NTP10, NTP20) is used
  • Low profile, no bucket digging force losses
  • Made of high-strength steel
  • Steel bearings in the tilt mechanism
  • Single cylinder size, identical seals in the tilt and locking mechanisms
  • Clearance-free, locked rotation during excavation
  • Maximum tilt angle ±45 degrees
  • Grabber included as a standard feature
  • Affordable valve package for the base machine installation
  • Easy tool change without leaving the cabin
  • Suitable for 13-20 tonne excavators
  • Suitable for all kinds of work: excavation, dredging, demolition, clearing of plots, pole handling.

Technical specifications

Max. weight of base machine 20 000 kg
Max. breaking force 180 kNm
Max. bucket width 1600 mm
Max. hydraulic pressure 250 Mpa
Max. flow - tilt 80 l/min
Max. flow - locking 35 l/min
Max. pressure in the return line 2,5 MPa
Weight 450 kg
Width A 360 mm
Width B     374   mm  
Length C  988  mm
Height D  278  mm
Hydraulic lines through the rototilt (optional)  pcs
Rotation  no  limit  
Tilt angle  45+- 


Tilt time max-to-max  2,4   s (80 l/min)
Coupling release time 0,8  s (20 l/min) 


Additional information on Vahva Forti: 

Jussi Makkonen
Product Manager, Vahva products
Tel. +358 40 0275 351

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