Track accessories and tools

We can also help you with repairing and servicing your forestry machine tracks: joining links, closed links, track-end plate links, track tensioners, anti-skid spikes. Our spares are manufactured in Finland from a tough boron alloy steel made in Finland or Sweden by Ovako.

Accessories for forest machine tracks

Joining links are available in three sizes:
28 x 115 mm
28 x 152 mm
28 x 183 mm



Closed track link:
size 28 mm


Track end plate link: size 20 mm


Anti-skid spikes:
Anti-skid spikes for welding onto the tracks are available in four sizes:
55 x 40 x 30 mm (especially designed for the KOPA flotation tracks)

Other sizes of the anti-skid spikes:
50 x 20 x 45 mm
30 x 40 x 30 mm
65 x 40 x 30 mm


Weldable closed track link for track repairing

Available in two sizes: 22 mm and 28 mm


Repair piece for track-end plate link

Available in two sizes:
72/52 mm suits for tracks with 22 mm joining links
82/62 mm suits for tracks with 26 and 28 mm joining links


Track mounting tools

Track fitting staples 
Available in three sizes:
230 mm, 280 mm and 330 mm. Material Hardox400.


Track tensioner tool designed especially for the KOPA Flotation Tracks.

The tensioner tool is used in pairs and is available in two different models: standard and multi.



Track tensioner tool QTT400

See the video instructions for tightening KOPA Flotation Tracks.

Universal track tensioner tool

track tensioner tool