The largest investment project in the history of Koneosapalvelu has started

Koneosapalvelu is going through a strong development stage. The construction of the company’s new facilities began in Vilppula, Central Finland in February 2019. This investment in premises and equipment enables the company to achieve additional capacity, in addition to having modern production and workshop facilities.

New premises for production and customer service

Koneosapalvelu’s business operations will be concentrated to the new premises and the existing building will be renovated. The extension will be completed at the end of 2019, giving Koneosapalvelu about 2700 m² new business premises. The new premises will include the hydraulics service, shop and hydraulic hose assemblies, a central warehouse, offices as well as social and recreational facilities for the staff. The transmission repair shop and cylinder installation will also be getting a renovated production facility in the current location.

The renovation of the premises also means updating machinery and equipment. The most significant equipment investment will be the new testing equipment for hydraulics maintenance, which will provide a unique capacity for the Finnish market for testing and adjusting hydraulic pumps used in mobile machinery and industrial applications. The testing equipment can be used for testing all hydraulic pumps up to a volume of 380 cm³, with a maximum pressure of 550 bar and a maximum flow of 300 l/min.

Koneosapalvelu is the first Finnish company to become Bosch Rexroth Service Partner

Koneosapalvelu’s hydraulics service will become a certified Bosch Rexroth Service Partner when the new premises are completed. The collaboration agreement with Bosch Rexroth was signed in August 2018.

The new building with its machinery and equipment investments will add more capacity and modern facilities not only for hydraulics maintenance but also for the production of reconditioned parts, logistics operations and customer service in the shop.

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