Forestry machine spare parts

New spare parts

We manufacture spare parts for the transmissions and frames of forest machines, as well as for timber loaders. Decades of co-operation with our customers has accumulated in-depth knowledge about the wear of components and their development needs. Our in-house design department and production utilise this feedback for cost-efficient manufacture of even more durable spare parts, leveraging the flexibility of a small organisation.

Our spares stock covers all the major forestry machine brands and models (John Deere, Timberjack, Komatsu, Valmet, Ponsse). Do not hesitate to ask for older models as well. We also offer spare parts by other manufacturers, reconditioned parts, and dismantled parts. We will assist you in making a rational choice with consideration of the forestry machine’s age and intended use; this means considerable savings in maintenance and repair costs.

Reconditioned replacement parts

Koneosapalvelu is a pioneer in reconditioning of used forestry machine parts. We have extensive experience in reconditioning of hydraulics components and forestry machine transmission and timber loader parts.

Replacement parts are less expensive and more environmentally sensible as compared to new components, since the part is reconditioned for reuse instead of scrapping. We keep a stock of reconditioned replacement parts; in many cases, this is also the quickest way to get your machine back to work.

For reconditioning, we use spare parts by the original manufacturer; in case of transmission and loader components, we also use parts manufactured or reconditioned by us. We perform the necessary machining and welding works flexibly at our own workshop. We perform test runs using our own test run equipment and document the work, parts replaced, and test run results. We grant a warranty to the replacement components.

In case of replacement part reconditioning, there are two options to choose from: we can recondition the customer’s own component and return it or deliver a component already reconditioned directly from our warehouse. In the latter case, we trade in the customer’s repairable part and recondition it for the next user.

Please follow these instructions when returning a component to Koneosapalvelu for reconditioning. Customer guidelines for returning used parts (pdf)

Dismantled parts

We have been engaged in forestry machine dismantling for decades and have accumulated an impressive stock of dismantled parts. Dismantled parts are particularly affordable and sometimes the only solution in case of machines for which new parts are no longer available.

We also purchase used (repairable) transmission reduction gears, back ends, hydraulic pumps, and other forestry machine components for reconditioning, as well as complete forestry machines for dismantling.

Our range of forestry machines is focused on the following products, including both new and reconditioned parts:

Drive hydraulics
  • Drive hydraulics pumps
  • Drive hydraulics motors
Work hydraulics
  • Work hydraulics pumps
  • Gerotor motors (Danfoss)
  • Saw motors
  • Rotators
  • Valves
Power transmission and brakes
  • Axles and flanges
  • Automatics
  • Gearwheels
  • Speed range gear boxes
  • Brake system
  • Rotating frames
  • Swing drives
  • Wheel hubs
  • Back ends
  • Bogie housings
  • Gear boxes
  • Clark transmissions
Frame and load space
  • Middle joints
  • Load space parts
  • Other frame parts
  • Seats and seat accessories
  • Other cabin accessories
Motor parts

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