Track accessories

We can also help you with repairing and servicing your forestry machine tracks: joining links, closed links, track-end plate links, track tensioners, anti-skid spikes. Our spares are manufactured in Finland from a tough boron alloy steel made in Finland or Sweden by Ovako.

Joining links

22 x 165 mm

28 x 105 mm
28 x 152 mm
28 x 183 mm


Closed track link: size 28 mm.

Track-end plate link: size 20 mm, length of the open section 73 mm.

Anti-skid spikes: Anti-skid spikes for welding onto the tracks are available in two sizes
55 x 40 x 40 mm and
50 x 20 x 45 mm.

KOPA track tensioner tool.
 Suitable for universal tracks.
track tensioner tool