Crane / loader spare parts

New spare parts

We manufacture spare parts for forest machine cranes / timber loaders. Decades of co-operation with our customers has accumulated in-depth knowledge about the wear of components and their development needs. Our product design and manufacture take advantage of this information; our objective is cost-efficient manufacture of more durable spare parts.

The range of our own parts for forestry machine cranes is focused on the following brands: Loglift, Cranab, John Deere, Timberjack, and Ponsse.

We offer the following parts for example:

  • Racks
  • Pillars
  • Hoist and telescopic booms
  • Swivel housings and their parts
  • Cylinders and their parts
  • Extensions
  • Seal sets, shafts, hydraulics tubing, links, and other wear parts

Reconditioned replacement parts and replacement cranes

You can also choose more affordable reconditioned parts for your crane / loader – we offer the most rational solutions considering the crane’s age and intended use. We recondition the following components of timber cranes in our workshop and repair shop:

  • Swivels
  • Pillars
  • Swivel housings
  • Hoist and telescopic booms
  • Cylinders

Our range of replacement parts focuses on the most common forestry machine cranes: Loglift, Cranab, John Deere, Timberjack, and Ponsse.

In case of replacement part reconditioning, there are two options to choose from: we can recondition the customer’s own part and return it or deliver a part already reconditioned directly from our warehouse. In the latter case, we trade in the customer’s repairable part and recondition it for the next user. We grant warranty to our replacement parts.

We also recondition complete cranes (e.g., Loglift 51/71, John Deere CF510), utilising our spare parts collection and workshop services.

Please follow these instructions when returning a component to Koneosapalvelu for reconditioning. Customer guidelines for returning used parts (pdf)

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