C models for material handlers

The three largest grapples in the VAHVA C-Series are designed primarily for material handlers. The C60 HD, C80 and C100 models bring efficiency to handling large quantities of wood for examples in timber terminals.

Finnish design

The new large grapples are based on the structure and technical solutions of the popular Vahva C range, and customer wishes were listened through the whole product development process. Vahva grapples are designed, tested and manufactured in Finland. Large grapples have been in test use in various material handlers on terminal use. The test customers in Finland include e.g. Koneurakointi S. Kuittinen Oy, Metsäkonepalvelu Oy and Szepaniak Oy.

In the Vahva C-Series, the grapple frame has been designed to be bended and symmetric, keeping stresses under better control. The cylinder uses both jaws, and the reaction bars stabilise the movement, making the movement of the grapple jaws more balanced and symmetrical. The tips of the jaws get into the pile at an optimal angle and grab a full load when they close.

Modern manufacturing technology

Vahva products are manufactured by Outokummun Metalli in Finland. The quality of the production is indicated by e.g. high-strength steel, machined peg lines, bronze bearings, dimensionally precise pivot pins, and powder coating.

Big but agile grapples

Although the Vahva 60, 80 and 100 models are the most massive grapples in our range, they are lighter, faster to use and cheaper than traditional terminal grapples. Our selection also includes a rotator suitable for the grapples. Designed for industrial use, the Baltrotors CPR-15 rotator fits all large Vahva C models.


Model Weight (kg) Area (m²) Max. operating pressure 
load (kg)
Gripping force, tip (kN) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G
C60 HD 450 0,60 250 6000 22 1314 151 1043 2300 1230 610 707
C80 965 0,80 250 10000 34 1585 175 1130 3010 1550 670 670
C100 1000 1,00 250 10000 31 1695 175 1290 3080 1645 675 990
Note! The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications.

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