KOPA Flotation tracks

We have developed a new type of forestry machine tracks suitable for soft and wet soil. The special structure of KOPA flotation tracks means unprecedented flotation for forestry machinery.

KOPA tracks include:

  • Wide and flat track plates
  • Narrow track plate spacing
  • Higher-than-usual lateral guide keeping the track on the tyre
Benefits of KOPA flotation tracks

In KOPA flotation tracks, the surface pressure is distributed evenly over the entire track plate area, since the track plates are flat.The distance between the track plates is less than 2 cm – i.e. significantly narrower than in traditional forestry machine tracks, even in floating track models.Owing to the wide, flat track plate and narrow track plate gap, the track area in contact with the ground at any given time is larger as compared to any other forestry machine tracks.

This is beneficial for both the machine contractor and nature:                                                                    

  • Reduced rolling resistance saves fuel
  • Less sinking of the machinery, less equipment damage
  • Reduced soil and forest road damage
  • More flexible harvesting period in case of soft-soiled cutting areas
  • Driving a machine equipped with KOPA flotation tracks is more pleasant for the operator, since the tracks reduce machine swaying and render the riding smoother.
  • It is possible to drive the vehicle faster, which improves working efficiency.

Single wheel track for harvesters
KOPA flotation track as a single wheel version is a rational choice for 6-wheeled harvesters instead of tyre chains. Single wheel tracks together with the KOPA flotation tracks in the front bring amazing flotation for the machine and a smooth ride for the operator.

KOPA flotation tracks are protected

The design right to KOPA flotation tracks has been registered to Koneosapalvelu. This means that the elaborately designed and thoroughly tested flotation tracks are available exclusively from us.

Technical specifications

KOPA flotation tracks are available for the following tyre sizes: 600, 650, 710, 750, 800. Rim sizes: 22.5, 24.5, and 26.5.

Track plate width   800 or 900 or 1,000 or 1,100 or 1,200 mm
Track plate depth
199 mm
Track plate distance     20 mm
Lateral guide height       195 mm
Closed link 28 mm
Track-end plate link 20 mm
Joining links    28 mm


For more information about KOPA tracks, please contact our sales personnel.

 Watch the video of KOPA Flotation tracks

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Watch the video: KOPA flotation tracks on a John Deere 1110E forwarder