B models

Vahva B models are optimised for handling round wood. The B models are a suitable choice for tractors, small forwarders, trucks, sawmills, and other industrial loading applications.
The mid-sized grapple models 26 – 46 for handling round wood are available in the new C series.

The structure is strong and durable, because the grapples are manufactured from high-strength structural steel. All of our grapples have two reaction links, which means that the mechanics are symmetrical, and torques have been minimised. The shape of the grapple's jaws has been fine-tuned over the years so that they sink into the log pile as efficiently as possible.


ModelWeight (kg)Area (m²)Max. operating pressure (bar)Max. load
Gripping force, tip (kN)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)
B15 89  0,15  175  3000 7,5  725  80  535  1215  735  325
B21  125  0,19  210  4000 10,5  750  70  545  1360  790  425
Note! The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications.


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